BGE Natural Gas repairs

By now you’ve certainly noticed the extensive work in our neighborhood by BGE and its contractor, Riggs Distler, to replace our near 100-year old natural gas lines. As phase one nears completion,  phase two involves connecting the new gas main lines to our homes, with Riggs Distler contacting each homeowner to assess the work and schedule a date to complete it. We expect the replacement work to continue until at least June and a full resurfacing of the roads to occur only after all the natural gasline work is complete. 
Because of reports from neighbors that some work connecting gas lines to homes has been disruptive, not only to schedules but damaging to landscaping and more, NRPIA has arranged for BGE and their contractors (Riggs Distler and Assedo Consulting) to join a North Roland Park Community meeting next week to address our – and your – questions and concerns about the natural gas pipeline improvement  project.  The virtual meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 8 at 7:00pm.  If you have not already received an invitation to attend the meeting, contact the NRPIA Secretary at
And of course, if you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, please contact BGE at 877.778.7798. 
For more details on BGE’s project , view here.

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