BGE Natural Gas repairs

Have you been wondering when the BGE Operation Pipeline project will be finished and our streets repaved?  The contractors performing construction and street work for Operation Pipeline temporarily suspended most of their work in North Roland Park several months ago but have now turned their attention back to us. 
There are still twenty-some houses in our area that are scheduled to have their gas mains replaced/reconnected. 
After that is finished, the road resurfacing work is scheduled to conclude.  Riggs Distler doesn’t expect to complete the road work until late spring/early summer but there will be some road re-surfacing in the coming weeks.  Gilmarys Road is currently in the process of being resurfaced.
We look forward to the completion of this large project to replace our nearly 100-year old natural gas lines.
And of course, if you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, please contact BGE at 877.778.7798. 
For more details on BGE’s project , view here.

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